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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 28, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>>megyn: video of an accident in washington, dc, people entering a washington, dc metro station in october and the escalator sped up and someone falls and people pile up and six were injured and the metro leader determined brakes should have stopped the escalator but they were worn or oily. on our kelly's court, by the way, dick says "my parents would have punished me. just town the country over to lawyers." >>shepard: thank you, the news begins anew. and the white house press secretary carney will hold a briefing at any moment. we expect this to be of significance today. lots of questions about the deteriorating situation in libya and how the united states is trying to respond. we are monitoring developments from the white house and will bring it to you. but, first, from fox at 3:00, word of more blood shed in libya
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as they fight to push muammar qaddafi from power. it has been two weeks since libyans turned on him. he is responding with a campaign against his own people of murdering that has left thousands dead. that is according to local estimates. now the international community is stepping up pressure on colonel muammar qaddafi to set down sending aid to the refugees and freezing his assets and tightening sanctions against the regime. top officials say all openings are on the table as the pentagon announces they are repositioning united states military forces around libya. more on that in a minute but, first, this is happening on the ground. that is amateur vehicle showing people toppling a monument to muammar qaddafi. in a city here the border with tunisia where there are reports
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antimuammar qaddafi rebels have taken control. the opposition is growing today and organizing more thoroughly today and the u.s. is ready to help today, they say. as the qaddafi pressure mounts qaddafi is defiant. in tripoli the government is handing out cash in an attempt to bribe the people into stopping the unrest. qaddafi's son is going on state television saying "everything is fine, we're going to be victorious." whatever that is. qaddafi in an interview with abc denying he used force against his people. and we have coverage now, and our national security correspondent at the pentagon on how the military is responding. and now right to the fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt steaming from the border with tunisia. neither side showing any sign of giving up. >>jonathan: well, we are in the middle of a stalemate that could last for several weeks. the antiqaddafi protesters control the eastern half of the
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country but qaddafi is not loosening his grip on trip he despite an antigovernment demonstration today there. in the west of the country the battle for libya could be won or lost. the antiqaddafi forces have taken control of some cities but we hear fresh reports in the last few minutes of pro qaddafi militia roaming the streets. there is a long way to go in this and it is anybody's guest would will come out on top. >>shepard: are they mercy -- mercenaries? or members of the standing army? >>jonathan: well, i am having trouble understanding you. i will talk about the refugee situation on the border if that is what you were referring to. we have been told that some 50,000 refugees have come across the border with tunisia if five
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days a desperate situation. we spent times at one of the camps where the red crescent is handing out food and water and the army is trying to keep everyone organized and there are the usual stories of lost loved ones. we met a man who has not heard from or seen his 23-year-old brother on monday that was last heard of in trip he and like so many others separated from the loved ones in the desperate situation. he fears the worst. >> live from the border, jonathan hunt. the united states military is now moving air and navy resources to surround libya. sort of. a pentagon spokesman says the american forces would likely assist in humanitarian missions and the repositioning is to be flexible when anyone makes a decision and they are working on a variety of options and plans as they watch the increasingly violent situation in libya.
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and coverage continues and our national security correspondent live at the pentagon. where does the pentagon stand with the idea of a no-fly zone over libya to try to stop the forces from mowing down the people? >> i have been told no orders have been given to set up a no fly stone but they are actively planning and as you mention the navy is starting to position and reposition some of their forces so they will be in a position to do so. listen to secretary of state hillary clinton. >> a no-fly zone is an opening we are actively considering. i discussed this today with allies and partners. and we will proceed with the active consideration. if the u.s. and nato want to secure the oil fields of libya they have to also be seen as actively engaged with dealing
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with the humanitarian crisis requiring safety passage for refugees, more refugees to leave to egypt and tunisia and a no-fly zone. they cannot security the oil fields or the humanitarian situation. >> but the navy is repositioning their naval forces? you look at the uss enterprise and it was down on the coast of somalia helping with the piracy issue and is now at the mouth of the suez canal and no orders to go to the mediterranean. here is where the uss naval assets are right now, again, i am told they have not ordered the uss enterprise back into the mediterranean but the uss kearsarge they are trying to figure out how to find troops to go with the naval aspect of the uss kearsarge because its unit
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is in afghanistan. they are look for marines because they would be the ground forces called upon if they needed to send in to help with the humanitarian situation. >>shepard: thank you from the pentagon. pirates off the east african coast have hijacked a danish sailboat. this is an unusual move. the danish officials it includes a couple and their three children, age 12 to 16. those officials add that the pirates seized the boat in the indian ocean and they have two crew. they are not providing anymore information for fear they could put lives at risk. the pirates killed four americans last week after a tense stand off with u.s. special forces. two suspects pirates died and officials took 15 others into custody. >> dozens of demonstrators in the state of wisconsin still inside the state capital after officials rescinded orders to have police clear the building this weekend. our producer inside the statehouse says police have been
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letting some protesters back inside the building today after the cops blocked anyone else from entering. the stand off of the legislature continues over the governor's union destroying bill which would strip many state union workers of most of their collective bargaining rights. today the governor delivered a new ultimatum to those hiding out in illinois. and now to madison. the governor is trying to, again, put pressure on the senate democrats. >>reporter: right, he is saying the deadline is now 24 hours for the senate democrats to get back into wisconsin or they will miss their deadline to restructure financing for $165 million in debt so the governor says they will lose the cost saving benefit and that is why he has the 1,200 at risk notices for state employees ready to go. if the senate democrats do not get back, he has not -- he has not come right out and said that the notices will go out but they
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will lose the cost saving the and the senate democrats saying this is a high stakes game and he has the money because they agreed to an testimony -- ante up for the situation. right now the protesters are outside the doors of the capital and have been allowed back inside. if you look at the hundreds of them in front of the entrance to the capital, and you look at the inside, you can see there are a couple of dozen still playing music and dancing away and doing their thing but the capital police did not create those video images of people be dragged out of the capital but they try to win a war of attrition, closing off the doors, and tried to let people of their own volition. some still have not gone, and they will wait it out. they were able to get the floors cleaned and that is what the capital police said was the
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overall goal of closing the capital in the first place. >>shepard: thank you, mike, from outside the capital. more on libya ahead, and we just got brand new quotes from muammar qaddafi himself. he has tens of thousands of pounds of deadly chemical weapons in his cup and some of his outbound -- own former advisers say he will use them. but is he able? stay tuned.
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>>shepard: a light sentence for a woman accused in a bizarre bank robbery where a pizza delivery man had a bomb strapped to his neck. prosecutors say she was part of a group that plotted to lock the explosives around his neck and send him to rob a bank. who can forget the pictures? i will never forget this in 2003. in pennsylvania. the pizza delivery man died when the device, remember the pictures, incredible, maybe you don't, i have to watch this so i remember, a memorable day. and now the situation in libya, the leader, muammar qaddafi has unleashed an army of hired killers on his own people. and there are new fears today he may resort to chemical weapons, not new today but in the last few days as he struggles to stay in power. the former justice minister now warns that qaddafi could move chemical weapons to crush the
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uprising so a watchdog group claims the libyan government has a stockpile of up to ten tons of deadly mustard gas. with us now is former united nations weapons inspector who is the executive director for the international council for the life sciences. nice to see you, tim. mustard gas ... i cannot think of anything more painful over days and weeks than that but you have to figure how to deploy it. >>guest: correct. what libya still has is old stock in bulk supply of mustard agent, a liquid, rather than a gas, but it is called mustard gas and it is stored at 600 kilometers south of tripoli in the desert. libya is required under the chemical weapons convention to destroy the stocks. i believe they destroyed some ten tons or more but they still
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have 9.5 tons which they have not destroyed. that is what the people are worried about. >> the deadline for the destruction was may but when this -- this may -- but we are led to believe it has not happened and he does not have a missile or whatever to put them on and you could crop dust them over people if you were so inclined, or you could spray some around in a square but that wouldn't do the sprayer any good, but i guess you could. >>guest: i think the crop duster is unlikely but mustard agent is a fluid so it would mess up the crop sprayer quickly. you could do an improvised explosive device putting explosive on a barrel of the stuff but i don't think this would be an effective military weapon but it might hurt a few people, a handful of people and create panic. but as i said my understanding is that this stuff is stored 600 kilometers south of triply and
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you wonder if the regime is organized enough to do, to bring that bulk stock up to tripoli and have a plan. >>shepard: he has nothing else left, inspectors confirmed well well he said he would get rid of the weapons of mass destruction program in exchange we took him off the list of state sponsors of terrorism. >>guest: that is correct. in 2003. there was a major negotiation on all his weapons of mass destruction programs and i believe that was tied up with the lockerbie negotiations and the net result was libya got to get welcomed back into the international community after giving up the programs and at that time the munitions, the aerial bombs which had been designed for delivering mustard agent, they were destroyed. i believe some of the other chemicals were also destroyed and the facility where they made
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the chemical weapons was disabled. so, there was promise made initially. there have been ongoing delays stretching out the program. >>shepard: the assertions that he stopped sponsoring terrorism as a state and that he was coming around to the will of the international community, in the face of the open secret that he had ordered the bombing of pan am flight, there was nothing to it, was there? and everyone knew it? >>guest: well, i think there was a willingness on the western government's part to try and get some sort of resolution to the weapons of mass destruction program. and some sort of resolution to lockerbie. and in retrospect it seems quite a lot of other stuff was ignored to get that resolution.
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>>shepard: that offers a fresh new view -- retrospect. sir, good to see you again, weapons inspector. >> severe stock markets are threatening people in 20 u.s. states today, bringing tornadoes and serious flooding with them. hello, march! we have an update ahead. [ male announcer ] this is lara.
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>>shepard: weather alert, tornado watch in seven states and the washington, dc, and warning residents about the
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possibility of golf ball-sized hail and gusts up to 70 miles per hour. stay home. where are we seeing the worst of this? >> that sounded like thunder. not so cooler the tornado watches across the southeast. check out the storms. we have a very strong line of storms moving through portions of northwest georgia and into alabama moving out of tennessee and into north carolina right now and it is capable of not only producing the 70 miles per hour wind and hail at greater than 1" in diameter and has the chance of producing tornadoes. we will continue to monitor this. as we looked further to the north we have seen potentially severe storms through the morning and it is weakening. the focus right now is where we see the red boxes where we have active tornado warnings.
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>>shepard: where is this going? it looks like rocky top got spanked. >>guest: mainly moving east but the line is long, so, general northeast direction is what i would call it and this is all going to be headed across the southeast states further into the mid-atlantic states and into washington, dc where large hail, damaging wind and isolated tornadoes are possible through the remaining afternoon. and it is not until after midnight that this whole line, really, moves off the southeast state. >> i had in idea the world ended 600 miles off the coast of maine, it just drops right off. do you see that? >> i do, i do. >>shepard: thank you, nice to see you. the great american invention could be lost in a backlog of hundreds of thousands of unexamined patent applications. a barn -- bipartisan group of
3:23 pm
senators say that is because our patent system has changed little since, well, 1952, the year the bar code, the first pocket size ed radio came up. the system could be overhauled but it is not without opposition and now we will get to our necessary room about the opposition. it takes three years to process an application, right? >> that is right and because of the backlog up to 700,000 applications in the system, right now the patent office is completely funded by application fees but over the past 20 years, congress has diverted $800 million of those funds to other federal programs. well, the reform legislation before the senate would less the patent office keep the money it raises to invest if new equipment and staff to tackle the backlog.
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>> if we can reduce the amount of time necessary to go from a great idea to a patent, it will lead to more job creation, and a stronger economy here in the united states. >> the bill would give the office greater flexibility if setting their own application fees. >>shepard: what is the debate? >>reporter: the debate is over a particular provision in the bill that would begin awarding patents to the first inventor to file. supporters say this will help out the little guy applying for a patent and another inventor pops out of the nowhere and says, wait a second, i came up with that concept before you and here is the proof, but, critics say it will force small inventers to file before discussing prototypes with outside investors or risk leaking information to a competitor who could run to the patent office and he beats the other inventor get the patent.
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>>shepard: thank you from atlanta, jonathan. and here comes blago as a gig with a new role model, keynote speaker for junior state of mechanic, the largest high school student run organization in all the country, and he will speak in april at a two-day student political convention in chicago. we are told on students from 13 u.s. states will be there to hear blago's words of wisdom. news from the future. we will stay on it. two nasa astronauts with "discovery" mission, putting in or installing a storage system.
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and nasa's japanese counterparts are to display a bottle of air on earth, and the program will end in six months. we are following the latest developments from libya and new statements from muammar qaddafi and we will have a live report from the cradle of the uprising and some are rooting for qaddafi to survive this rebellion.
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>>shepard: the white house news briefing is to begin. this is the press secretary's briefing. we expect new comments on libya today. we have been saying for days that some cities in libya and areas of libya have been taken over by the rebels trying to overthrow the government. jonathan hunt is there and he says the situation is changing. to say they have taken over certain areas in certain cities is an everstatement. not saying we were wrong last week but situations have changed this week. we hope to get clarity on that. the briefing begins shortly and we will take you there live. but, first, word that muammar qaddafi's interview with abc, he laughed when asked if he will step down from power. laughed. and he denied lib why's air -- libya's bombed any protesters. and he has invited the united nations to conduct a
3:30 pm
fact-finding mission in libya. in an op-ed for "the daily," it is argued that dictators around the world are rooting for muammar qaddafi's survival. joining us now is gordon chang. why do they root for him? >> he is using massive deadly force. the last resort of dictators. >>shepard: he says he is not. >>guest: he is, he is bombing. but a couple of thousand deaths at least. now, if this doesn't work, then other strong men around the region, around the world, are going to see, basically that force is no longer effective and when people in the streets realize that they will become even bolder and when they become bolder and they loss their fear, no regime is safe. >>shepard: does that mean that democracy is like, for instance, like ours could, really, be wishing the same thing? is that a suggestion? because if this spreads to
3:31 pm
bahrain and that draws in those of the same muslim sect on the other side in saudi arabia where the oil fields are ... trouble. >>guest: it will be trouble because saudi arabia is 90 percent of global protection and they have been saving the world because they have been picking up the slack because of libya's cut in production. but you look at the movements and they are going to be inevitable we cannot stand in the way. and people in the streets are not burning american flags or saying "down with america." they want more say in their likes which is what we want. >>shepard: they issue strong statements if support for this man. and i wonder what that says to their people? as their people see this man murdering his own people and their own despots are issuing statements favoring him. >>guest: it can't help. and an important thing is for president obama, secretary of state clinton, merkel and
3:32 pm
everyone talking on the other side. we are talking about a man who has murdered many americans, something that is important to make sure his regime is gone. >>shepard: there were assertions by some in the opinion world that the president of the united states had not come out using qaddafi's name in forceful terms because of crazy mixed up weird conspiracy thing. the truth was, as we were reporting here, president was waiting for the americans to get out so qadaffi could not do an iranian revolution style hostage taking matter and the united states has been very specific. he must go. and merkel came along, who is left? what more is there to say, really? >>guest: there probably is little left to say and now it is a question of backing up our words and that will be a no-fly zone, humanitarian aid for those controlled, those people in the areas controlled by the rebels, and other things we can do. >>shepard: let's see what will
3:33 pm
happen, the new white house press secretary is at the podium. and who is that? susan, the president's advisor on matters of the nation. we will listen to them. this could be important now. thank you. good morning, everyone. i start by giving a brief read out of the president's meeting with u.n. secretary moon that just finished. as you might expect, significant portion of that meeting was devoted to discussing the situation in libya. the u.n. has played a positive and very important role in efforts to end the blood shed there and to hold the caitiff regime accountable and support the libyan people. indeed, in libya, the united nations is demonstrating the indispensible role it can play in advancing our interests and defending our values. we will congress back to libya in a few minutes but first a read out of the president's meeting with the secretary-general of the u.n. the president and the
3:34 pm
secretary-general discussed the situation elsewhere in the middle east and the situation elsewhere including expression of concern of escalation of violence in other countries and the need to enable the president that was legitimately elected to assume responsibility governor governing and discussed the referendum that took place in southern sudan where the people overwhelmingly voted for independence. and they discussed the vital work that the u.n. and the international community have, still, to do. along with the parties to resolve outstanding issue and ensure lasting peace as the south gains independence in july of this year. the president and the secretary-general also discussed their shared agenda to build on the strength of the united nations while pursuing and implementing very important management reforms and budgetary
3:35 pm
discipline. and, finally, president obama reaffirmed the administration's strong belief that the united nations continues to play a vital role in addressing testify global and trans national threats and in doing so, it's work enhances the safety and well-being of the american people. now, coming back to libya, as you know on saturday night, in new york, the security council unanimously adopted resolution 1970, a tough and binding set of sanctions aimed at stopping the libyan regime from killing its own people. as you know from the very beginning of the crisis in libya we have been clear that it is vitally important for the international community to speak with one voice. and it has done so with an unusual and important sense of urgency, determination, and unity of purpose. there were several important components. first, it refers the situation
3:36 pm
in libya directly to the international criminal court. this is the first time the security council has unanimously voted to refer a case of heinous human rights violations to the icc. secondly, it includes a travel ban on key libyan leaders. it imposes a complete arms embargo on libya and mechanisms to enforce it. and, finally, it takes new steps again the use of mercenaries by the libyan government to attack its own people and facilities the delivery of humanitarian asaintance. the sanctions should make all members of the libyan regime think about the choice they have before them. . violate human rights and be held accountable. or stop the violence and respect the call for change by the libyan people. there is no escaping that critical choice.
3:37 pm
all the members of the united nations security council are united if their determination that the sanctions work, and work as swiftly as possible. the security council is not finished its business and will continue to monitor the situation in libya quite closely. and i'll reiterate what the president said over the weekend now is the time for colonel qaddafi to step aside to prevent further blood sled and -- blood sled and allow the people to have a government that is responsible to the aspiration. i am happy to take a few questions. >>shepard: from the white house in the briefing room and this will continue we will stream it live at and gas prices are getting higher and higher because of the crisis in the middle east. and charlie sheen. he is a drug.
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it's called charlie sheen.
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>>shepard: and still answering questions at white house but before we move on, a question was asked about muammar qaddafi's giving of an interview to abc news in the united states. and abc reports that he [ male announcer ] gout's root cause is high uric acid.
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>>judge napolitano: it was an orange amount that stopped and in west virginia two students ran to the cars to take the guns they were allowed to carry but not on the campus and used the guns to subdue him but there are arguments on both sides. but constitutionally, the right to bear arms is a natural right. the argument on the other side is, okay, what happens at 3:00 in the morning when the guys are on the 15th beer and they are
3:49 pm
armed. i understand those arguments and they have been the concerns of college administrators that young students lack the maturity to carry weapons. >>shepard: you cannot drink until you are 21. >>judge napolitano: well, legally drink physical you -- logically drink until you are 21. this has not happened in utah. just utah. so ... that is where arizona will go. in favor of this. because they believe, as do i, that an armed citizenry will stop the band guys dead
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
>>judge napolitano: if someone lad a gun they could have stopped the murder. >>shepard: and you are making a legitimate arguments open other side. >>shepard: next, we will discuss charlie sheen. >>judge napolitano: what is imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: and choral sheen on the interviews against and the the publicist says he is resigning because he is "unable to work," effectively with the actor after our charlie sheen gave an interview today with
3:55 pm
abc's "good morning america" and here it is. >> it is not ... if you try it, you will die, your face will weep off and your children will weep over your exploded body. too much. so, again, i woke up and decided i have been kicked around and criticized, and the guy with this rock star life and i will a just finally going to completely embrace it, wrap both arms around it and love it violently. and defend it through violent hatred. >>shepard: he now claims he is clean. clean and sober. and trace has the news from los angeles. so, charlie sheen says he rehabilitated himself over the past number of hours. >>trace: he said he cured himself with the power of his mind and said alcoholics anonymous is "fiction," so he started his own home rehab center and the first client, which was him, did very well,
3:56 pm
and he was asked if he might ever overdose and he said that was "for amateurs." listen. >> strong people have relapses, strong people have started using again. >> only fools. fools. weak. defeated. they allowed defeat to be an obligation. i will not. i am not saying ... i am in the saying i will never have a glass of wine or champagne because you celebrate with those, but i am i have no interest in cocaine. >>trace: he adds he has tiger blood and great d.n.a. >>shepard: he is not worried about getting work. >>trace: he will be in high demand, and he says by the time he is done with warner brothers who along with cbs owns that show "2 1/2 men," it will be called charlie brothers with lots of offers because for the first time in years he is available and he will do movies,
3:57 pm
he is also going to continue, he says, with his television show with a catch. listen. >> so i will finish the tv show, and i will leave at season ten because of psychological disstress, $3 million an help today. take it or leave it. everyone thinks i should beg for my job back and i for warn them everyone will beg me for the job back. that is how i roll. defeat is not an opening. >>trace: the lawyer sent a letter to cbs saying to pay him for the eight canceled episodes. or else. >>shepard: what does he get a year? >>trace: $44 million a year. >>shepard: back tonight for the fox report, 7:00 eastern, and 6:00 in oxford and do not forget to log on to the shep page and the market had a great day. quietly.
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